I watch television and write scripts. I read scripts and write about television. Any questions?


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  1. The Yeti says:

    I’m an American working on an essay as part of a Masters program. I’m comparing the British versus the American version of The Office. Personally I prefer David Brent versus Michael Scott. Can you recommend any books specifically on writing British sitcoms? I’m having a hard time finding supporting information. Thank you

    • telerevision says:

      er, well, I assume this is not spam because it seems a bit more specific than what I usually sift through. I don’t really have any advice about particular books. Everything I write on this blog just comes from my academic background and what sticks out to me when I watch certain television shows. I rarely read books about writing types of sitcoms.

  2. Apersonreadingthroughlife says:

    I’m trying to quote you on things you have said for a paper, but I’m having a hard time. I’m assuming you are the author and publisher. What is your name? I want to give credit where it is due.

    • Mirah says:

      Can you give me a little more context on what you’re quoting and what it’s for? This is a personal travel blog, so I would appreciate some idea if what you have in mind.

    • Mirah says:

      Oops sorry, I’m using the WordPress app and did not realize this was for TeleRevision. Still, a little more context would be appreciated! Thanks. -Mirah

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