Excuses for a Lifetime of Watching Bad Summer Television

I KNOW. I know, I know, I know. The summertime wasteland of TeleRevision is not a good sign for things to come.

I’m going to blame this on two things: the dearth of quality television during the summer and my own inability to do anything that even remotely resembles intellectual activity from about June 15-August 31. Excuses! I know!

To be honest, I have only watched two shows regularly since the summer began: Futurama and Ugly Americans. Although I legitimately enjoy both these shows, they are also incredibly easy to watch since they’re on the same channel on the same night in the same one hour block. This fits nicely with my summer theme of “Inactivity and Sloth.”

I have not been especially impressed with this season of Futurama so far. All the episodes have been about average to good (notice how I didn’t say mediocre?), but none have been really great. Before you think I’m getting all Simpsons-season-eight-and-earlier here, I should assure you that I enjoyed many of the episodes in the last season of Futurama, which was its first season since its reincarnation on Comedy Central.

I loved “The Duh-Vinci Code,” “Lethal Inspection,” “The Late Philip J. Fry,” and “A Clockwork Origin,” and I certainly couldn’t complain about most of the other episodes. Except for one. Is anyone else still reeling from that incredibly stupid plot where the hyper intelligent cats take over the Earth for their own nefarious purposes?

This season, which is technically considered the second part of last season (episodes 1-13 comprise 6A and 14-26 comprise 6B–as of this week, we’re up to episode 20), hasn’t impressed me nearly as much as its earlier half.

The only episode that I could see easing into the so-called classics with time was “Benderama.” I liked “Ghost in the Machines” and “Law and Oracle,” but was somewhat disappointed with this week’s “Yo Leela Leela,” which had an intriguing premise, but eventually gave us a PBS Kids plot about always telling the truth.

I am looking forward to the upcoming episode in which we learn the origin of Professor Farnsworth’s friendship with Dr. Zoidberg, but it’s still a few weeks away. In the meantime, I intend to keep watching television the way I watched it for the first two decades of my life–enthusiastically, uncritically, and with little regard for brain cells damaged.

Note: With the inclusion of the above photo, I now realize that I have forgotten to link some of my more egregious image pilfering to original sources. Apologies to any and all whose content I’ve used without linking. Should you wish to take legal action, my firstborn child is still available and I will gladly draw up a contract in blood.


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