No post on Parks and Recreation S03 E06 tonight because I’m lazy and old


"Yeah, so here's what happened: sweet and beautiful Ann has never been dumped before and Chris is such a positive person, when he broke up with her, she just didn't realize it. It's kind of understandable. Although it does kinda make you wonder how good of a nurse she is."

Happy birthday to me! My gift to myself is that I’m not going to force out a half-hearted post about a truly great show. I guess that’s also a gift to Parks and Recreation too. In my alternate universe, every time the Grey’s Anatomy doctors launch into those impressive elevator monologues, the words that escape their perfectly shaped lips will be Leslie Knope’s. Or Ron Swanson’s. Or even Tom Haverford’s. These characters do explanatory monologues just right. Also, poor Ann. I guess sometimes there is a downside to dating the nice guy. Stay tuned!



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