Fighting with Myself: Hellcats S01 E16


Savannah and Marti discuss Dan's new girlfriend


Savannah: I don’t get it, what does Dan see in her?

Marti: Her flawless, protruding breasts? I dunno.

Savannah: I want to punch them.

I just wrote a long post on Hellcats and the phenomenon of main characters whose actions implicitly guide the storylines of all other characters. As I reached the end, after a protracted struggle with my own argument, I realized that my thesis was definitively unsound. I could think of numerous examples to support my theory, but then I kept thinking of examples that disproved it. Repeatedly.

There won’t be a proper post on Hellcats today because I’m still trying to understand what I was talking about. But rest assured, the entire 500 word missive is saved in a Word file that I will peruse in the near future, and then attempt to explicate here. Although I know that no one was going to dissect my argument about a cheerleader show on the CW anyway, I’ll still feel better if it makes sense. It’s just a blog about television, but I never said you wouldn’t get scholarly integrity! Stay tuned!


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