Snookin’ for Love on The Bachelor S15 E07

Eligible bachelor Brad and the highly-coveted roses

Loyal blog readers, today we have a special guest blogger in honor of Valentine’s Day! Our dear friend C.S.S. is joining us for a special joint blogging sesh on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor.

TeleRevision: So CSS, what did you think of this episode?

CSS: I guess I was just surprised that Michelle was the one who went home. She had a stoic approach to her departure, as opposed to pulling a Ron-Ron and trashing the house.

TeleRevision:What did you think about Brad giving the first rose to Ashley?

CSS: I was just glad that it didn’t go to Michelle. It was kind of like the first nail in her coffin. The second being the lack of cocktail party at the end.

TeleRevision: Okay, so I’m a little drunk now since it is Valentine’s Day and you’re already censoring my questions here, so it’s gonna take me a second to formulate another one, Hang on.

CSS: Do you have to post this?

TeleRevision: Yes. Okay, um…what do you think about Emily’s reluctance to have Brad meet her daughter?

CSS: Well, I guess I can’t really say that I get where she’s coming from, but I understand why she’s hesitant to have Brad meet–what’s her daughter’s name again? Little Ricky? Her reluctance shows that she’s a good mother because she cares about what her daughter thinks about her relationships with men. It’s interesting because the only other mother on the show is Michelle, and we never hear about her daughter–it was only brought up once.

TeleRevision: Is Brad attracted to a woman who is a good mother because he thinks she’ll make a good wife?

CSS: That’s a good question. Yeah, I’d say so. When we think of stereotypical motherly qualities, I think Brad is into a woman who has those. I think it’s obvious, since he’s so smitten with Emily, that Michelle isn’t a woman who has those.

TeleRevision: Does Brad’s desire for a woman with motherly qualities play into his tendency, and the show’s tendency, to infantilize women?

CSS: Reconsidering your last question, yes, that’s something he looks for in a wife. But at the same time he really looks forward to being that white knight, to fixing problems and comforting them. It kinda seems like the women are oscillating between being a mother-type figure, but being in need of Brad’s assistance at the same time. Michelle was such a Stella Dallas.

TeleRevision: Should we explain that reference for people who aren’t fans of 1930s melodramas? My fingers are drunk/tired, so maybe not? (dramatic pause) I need a bathroom break.

TeleRevision: Okay I feel better now. Were you surprised by Brad’s decision to forego the traditional pre-rose ceremony cocktail party?

CSS: I hate Michelle, so it doesn’t really matter, but it was totally a slap in the face for her. Brad was just so sure he wanted her gone, he didn’t even want to speak to her and give her the chance to redeem herself. A cocktail party is just such a weird thing to have–having it as a cocktail party gives it this idea that you’re getting a second chance to make a first impression. And he denied Michelle the chance to do that. You don’t go to a cocktail party to hang out with the friends you already have or the people you already know.

TeleRevision: I like that idea–that a cocktail party is meant to learn more about new people, and Brad didn’t even want to learn anything more about Michelle.

Alright, so I have one last question. Out of all the women on Jersey Shore, who would make the best bachloerette? I’d have to go with Snooki, just because she’s literally the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, but J WOWW would be a close second, and I think she deserves true love after her tumultuous relationship with Tom.

CSS: I would have to go with Sammi, I disagree.

TeleRevision: Why Sammi?

CSS: ‘Cause I think out of all the women, Sammi has shown us that she can be crazy at times, but she can also be a rational person. And she takes that into her relationships with men, especially Ronnie, no? I think the ratings would be high for a Snookin’ for Love type show, but it would just be silly. I think women can relate to Sammi more. She’s able to emote and express herself more than Snooki.

TeleRevision: That’s a good point and I agree that Sammi has a better sense of who she is and what she wants out of life than Snooki, but how hilarious would Snookin’ for Love be?

CSS: Yeah, people watch these shows because they’re hilarious and people do ridiculous things, but you want to see someone who’s relatable as well. I just don’t think Snooki can elicit that sort of reaction from female viewers.

TeleRevision: That’s because she’s too real for all youse bitches.

This concludes our post on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. Special thank you to guest blogger C.S.S. and we’ll certainly hear more from her soon. Stay tuned!


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