Welcome to my blog!

Hi! Either you’ve stumbled across my blog via the magical connectivity of the internet, or in a rare moment of self-promotion, I told you to read it.

Here’s the rub: I love television. Not just the good stuff, but the total dreck too! Honestly, some of the shows I watch are insanely embarrassing, but if you’ve ever wanted to read a socio-economic analysis of Toddlers & Tiaras, you’re definitely in the right place!

I’m fresh out of the higher ed factory and trying to get back into the whole non-academic writing thing. I got a degree in Cultural Studies which is either really hard to explain or can be summed up in one scatological profanity, depending on who you ask. I spend the majority of my day doing two things: mindlessly engaging with the internet and watching television.

This means I spend far less time writing and looking for a real job than I’d like, so I came up with an immediate solution to this particular lifestyle concern. Starting today, I intend to write a critical blog post on EVERY episode of every television show I watch. And I won’t watch a new episode of anything until I’ve already written up my thoughts on the last thing I saw.

This vaguely didactic exercise will serve several purposes:

  1. I won’t let my critical thinking skills go completely dormant. Ideally I’d like to learn how to think critically about television. I know how to read a film (thanks, Cultural Studies!), but how do we read episodic TV? Characters whose personalities are developed over years, not minutes? Cliffhanger plots and period melodrama miniseries? Adult cartoons and ensemble comedies?
  2. I’ll be writing!
  3. I’ll be writing about television! Television that I would have watched anyway!
  4. And finally, when my mom asks what I’ve been doing all day, I can send her a link to this blog.

Critical theory may come in and out if I feel it’s necessary or valuable in understanding an issue, but for the most part, I hope this blog will be an accessible, interesting read that addresses many of my concerns with modern television. Also, please nobody add up my actual hours of viewing time per week–I sincerely don’t want to know.

P.S. Since it’s Tuesday, we can look forward to both Glee and Hellcats later!


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